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Call us for quick doctor’s appointment. Our emergency services are open to all and has drop-in hours. Central to Oslo in Majorstukrysset.

Emergency room - A Klinikken Majorstuen - Oslo

Welcome to The emergency room in Oslo – Majorstukrysset.

On our emergency room you receive medical help 365 days a year . We have drop in consultations. Our doctors helps, both tourists and Norwegian Citizens. Our doctors at the clinic have extensive experience and help you whatever medical problem you have. If needed we will direct you to our specialists.

You will find us in Majorstukrysset in Oslo West, in total renovated, disabled-friendly facilities. In addition to modern equipment and new facilities, we have a strong focus on patient-physician communication. It is you who are the focus with us.

Our emergency room in Oslo is part of A Klinikken Majorstuen, which has gathered many specialists under one roof. You can read more about aour clinic here …

You are welcome to call us on 22999500

Hours and phone times

Emergency Room Oslo

Emergency Room Oslo

Open Mon to Fri from 17:00 to 21:00, Sat 10-17, Sun 12-17.

For emergency room contact us at 22999500.

You are always welcome to us with any medical problem.


Emergency room Oslo – A Klinikken Majorstuen

Majorstuveien 38, 0367 Oslo Majorstuen

Easily accessible medical center in Majorstukrysset


You can find us in the heart of Oslo, at Majorstukrysset in Oslo West. Look for A Klikken Majorstuen sign.




Emergency room consultation < 15 minutter 960 kr
* For every 15 minutes beyond this 350 kr
Blood tests,f or example CRP, strep and mono 320 kr